Gospel Seed Germinates for Four Years and Finally Bursts into Life

Our ministry to Alex, a young doctor in Stolin, began more than four years ago. When we first began to build the church in this town, we met Alex, his wife and children. He attended church for a little while, but never seemed willing to make a commitment. Andrew wondered over the years what was hindering his decision to follow Christ. Each time the ministry was in Stolin, Andrew would schedule visits to Alex’s home. Alex’s sons were allowed to attend VBS, and when teams would go into the home for tea, they would see several year’s worth of VBS crafts hanging proudly in the kitchen.
Again, Andrew wondered, what is hindering this man’s heart? Alex confided that as a doctor, and a businessman, he had met many Christians over the years, and he was disgusted to witness their walk not matching their faith. He said he saw them treat their wives and families badly, he saw them being dishonest in business and so many other failings and it turned him off to Christianity. However, Andrew kept coming back, and bringing teams of faithful American Christians to Stolin. Alex watched new believers being discipled and walking a genuine faith. He watched as believers ministered to his children and family.

Finally, four years after encountering our ministry for the first time, in a meeting with Andrew in May, a magnificent breakthrough happened and Alex repented and trusted in Jesus for salvation and forgiveness of his sins! Shortly after he has distributed G&E illustrated bibles to nurses at his hospital. As a result one nurse and her husband commit their lives to the the Lord and were baptized. We praise God for His faithfulness in bringing many people from darkness to Light!